Nollie Studio

we know how to grind 🛹

Nos membres (2)

Benoit Cotte

Technical Product Manager

Nicolas Duc-Dodon

Product Designer

Nos services (2)

Prototype creation

We deliver a functional prototype to quickly get your idea into the hands of users.

Experiment planning

We come together to plan the right experiment you need to check your assumptions, whether you need more confidence in the problem space or the solution space.

Ce qui nous rend unique

At Nollie studio, we are primarily entrepreneurs with lucky stories. Ben co-founded Partoo (acq. by Webedia) as CTO & CPO which syncs data for retailers. Nico co-founded TBH (acq. by Meta), a US-based social app that peaked at 6M+ users.

After binding together about 2 years ago, we have been leading experiments for 2 years on productivity tools and consumer apps. We developed an efficient methodology based on the "Don't hope for interest" statement. Ship it quickly, and review your assumptions.

We are keen on working with other passionate people to grow our way of doing and meet solid connections.

2 membres